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Vietnam prepares to apply vaccine passport application

Vietnam is working with countries around the world to research safety procedures against epidemics to promote vaccine passport acceptance through QR codes.

Through the process of assessing the response to disease transmission from oncoming patients and isolation measures. The health sector assessed that the use of the passport Vaccine is essentially a certificate of having fully vaccinated 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, to apply to the regulation of the Law on Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control and the Quarantine Regulations. International Health International, which allows vaccine passport holders not to be isolated, tested for COVID-19.

Professor, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Long – Minister of Health – said: “For foreigners entering Vietnam, representatives of ministries, branches, information networks, technical infrastructure systems will be Completed and ready from April 2021. Regarding specific policies, the Ministry of Health will announce after working with foreign health agencies to soon participate in the international community’s joint efforts to facilitate trade and travel for people in countries that have been vaccinated against COVID-19 “.

Currently, Vietnam is deploying Viettel Military Telecom Group, which is designated by the National Steering Committee for Prevention of COVID-19 to participate as a vaccine passport. According to the latest update, technical infrastructure as well as human has been prepared. The integration of information, passport forms are also finished and just wait for the date to be ready to deploy.

Nationwide, the participation in vaccine passports in 63 provinces is available, has arranged enough personnel and records to each commune health station to ensure that each injection site has personnel to guide and update data. injection person.

Ready is so, however, according to the leader of this unit, the most worrying issue is the consensus between countries that accept vaccine passports.

Mr. Luu The Anh – Deputy Director of Digital Medical Center, Viettel Telecom Group – analysis: “Personal information, injections, injection time of people entering Vietnam and other countries must have. We are evaluating these factors as the most difficult “.

This is the key to connecting airlines, linking economic development hubs with countries around the world. Therefore, promoting a unified system of countries to accept vaccine passports is essential. But Vietnam is still setting up the risks for the vaccine passport application, but there are still many emerging problems that Vietnam needs to study and solve.
Not only are there concerns about when there will be general standards between countries in the application of vaccine passports like Luu The Anh’s concern, but also many difficulties surrounding the prospect of applying vaccine passport in Vietnam as expected. opinion of Associate Professor, Dr. Tran Dac Phu, Senior Advisor of the Vietnam Public Health Event Emergency Response Center. It is that Vietnam needs to prepare many situations in advance to safely integrate into the vaccine passport roadmap without breaking the epidemic barrier.

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