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Passport Vaccine

Can Vietnam open its market with Passport Vaccine?

In a difficult and fierce battle with the Covid 19 pandemic. Many countries around the world have had many difficulties in many stages of coping with the pandemic. Besides, there seems to be millions of people lost due to this pandemic. The worst economic losses are airlines, travel agencies, and passenger service companies.
In the national territory, the airlines, tourism still operate in a narrow scope of the province or country. But for the local people, they are also hesitant to use the service when the pandemic cannot be controlled. Overall, the pandemic severely jeopardizes the global economy in aviation, travel services, and other economic sectors.

But after 2 years the devastation caused by the 19 Covid pandemic helped the countries to develop a variety of vaccines to prevent epidemics with the aim of opening up to restore the economy which was falling into serious crisis. Is it acceptable to Vietnam and other countries for the “Passport Vaccine”?
Although other countries have planned flights to operate inactivity when vaccinated people or passengers have been vaccinated with “Passport Vaccine” or Electronic Visa is met the requirements and Welcome to their home country as well as other countries if accepted in the joint declaration.

Like many other countries are contending measures to ensure the safety of passengers and their citizens as European countries can ensure the passport applied to the Passport Vaccine. Meanwhile, the “Black Market” market is too complicated for this service as well as confirming the negative covid infection for passengers traveling on each flight. Therefore, at present, two leading European countries such as France and Germany are still taking cautious steps in applying “Passport Vaccines” and other countries are looking for ways to unify and recognize the effectiveness of vaccines. for the Common European Communities.
Particularly, the Danish State will apply this passport in 3 to 4 months. Accordingly, in order to apply for electronic passports, Danes will declare their medical and vaccination status on a technology application issued by the government for smartphones. Electronic passport holders will have the right to return to Denmark without quarantine as well as free access to bars, restaurants, hotels …
China and Israel were the first countries to issue digital health certificates to tourists who have received Covid-19 vaccines, also known as the “vaccine passports”. Just like the US and UK are being considered for a passport “Passport Vaccine”.

Currently, Vietnam has not yet allowed to circulate “Passport vaccine”. Passengers holding this passport still have to meet the quarantine requirements of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam in accordance with Covid 19 disease prevention regulations issued due to the risk of hidden epidemics despite having vaccinated two tents. Besides, there are still many conflicting opinions that passport holders “Passport vaccine” need to meet all requirements for negative confirmation before and after entry.
According to the government’s policy, it is necessary to find a complete solution to unify the epidemic prevention process. Under the direction of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc is to find a solution to apply the Passport vaccine in the early third quarter to open up tourism like other units in the region to revive the economy. In particular, flights reopen to countries where passengers meet the requirement for a Passport vaccine.

However, despite the shortcomings warned, in a struggle to reopen the economy, governments and tech firms around the world are considering more than using a vaccine passport to revive the economy. economy, revitalizing the entertainment and tourism industries. One of the executive decrees of US President Joe Biden when he first took office was requiring government agencies to evaluate the feasibility of linking Covid-19 vaccination certificates with vaccination records. and create digital versions of them.

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